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It all began at the age of five as I sat in front of my parents' Bang & Olufsen sound system in the living room and listened to the sound of the voices in the radio. I was filled with awe and wonder – of course, at that time the music being played still was decent… That was when I made up my mind that I wanted the sound of my own voice to come from those speakers someday. The seeds of my future career as a singer were sown.

When I had reached a certain age, my mother began to view my career plans as potentially profitable. And I was therefore taken to Martti Föhr, who holds a degree in vocal training. He tested my natural feel for music. He was impressed and immediately enrolled me in his class at the Franz Schubert School of Music and Performing Arts. I attended his classes there from 1989 to 1994. At the same time I pursued my high school education at the Musikgymnasium and obtained the Austrian “Matura” graduation diploma, specializing among other things on musical modulation – a technique I like using to this day.

In 1989/90, I further strengthened my commitment to music when I started going to MOVE ON, a dance school, where I got lessons in step, ballet, modern, and jazz dance as well as in bodywork and stretching. It was not a lack of talent but a lack of time that led me to give up these activities a year later. My private jazz piano lessons came to an end for the same reason. After high school graduation I also gave up my singing lessons, causing my mother considerable grief in the process. But this was only to begin afresh some time later!

As can be expected, my teenage years were also spent on musical experimentation. But this never really led to any promising results. My first actual band was called Scarecrowes. I performed as the band?s keyboardist and backing vocalist. Two demo CDs, recorded at the Black Lagoon Studios, were the result. This must roughly have been 1993…

I got a job working for the Austrian radio station Ö3, but my time there turned out to be short (1994-1998) since my voice was deemed unsuitable for the radio. My responsibilities included audio production and off-air operations. I was also involved in the production of Joe Rappolt?s Joe’s Nachtclub, appeared as the “Biest” (= engl. beast) in a show called Pleiten-, Pech- und Pannendienst (PPP), and MC'd Ö3 disco events.

In 1995, an upcoming ball of Boy Scouts Troop 80 Enzian prompted me to join forces with Matthias Melber and Walter Heginger in order to found a band for the occasion: ELF-11 (the debut date, 11 November, providing the name). We performed two years in a row and are still remembered as the troop?s loudest ball band ever... My time as the band’s lead vocalist lasted until 1998. For various reasons I then left the band, not least among these reasons was that I fell ill with laryngitis right before an appearance at a wedding and was suffering from a general feeling of dissatisfaction regarding myself, God and the world!

Around 1996/97 I joined a group called Target as lead vocalist. This was a hard rock band that wrote its own songs and rarely resorted to covering – our cover version of the Beatles? “Eleanor Rigby”, nevertheless, became legendary!

I then spent the period from September 1998 to March 1999 travelling in America and Australia to regain perspective and a clear head.