Ronnie T. repertoire includes:

.) Classical music (operas/operettas/songs)

.) Cat Stevens

.) Las Vegas Show (e.g. Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones…) - also available as HPB* show.

.) The Original Vienna Brothers (Blues Brothers Show) – Joliet Jake Blues (starring Chris Kaye as Elwood Blues) – also available as HPB* show.

.) Austrian songs (ranging from Ambros to Wilfried Scheutz…) - also available as HPB* show.

.) Country (e.g. Johnny Cash, John Denver, Billy Ray Cyrus…)

.) Elvis Presley (not an impersonator) - also available as HPB* show.

.) Groovy (Funk, Soul, R&B, Motown, Blues…)

... I also can perform as:

.) Entertainer

.) MC

Band arrangements:

.) Solo (piano or guitar only – featuring among others HANNES JARIC, CLEMENS WABRA)

.) Duette

.) Trio

.) complete band (1-2 guitars, keyboards, piano, bass & drums)


.) with background


.) with brass section


Band arrangements have to be booked at least 10 weeks in advance!


Karaoke Events & more... Contact: Peter Bruckner


Of course the proposed music program can be adapted to correspond to your preferences; individual solutions for your event: ranging from a 30-minute midnight interlude to a 5-hour wedding party or ball…


Equipment can be provided in different sizes and output levels.


For price quotes contact


*) HPB = half playback performance – music track is a recording, singing is live.