My Music, Showreels and Songs

Various clips you can listen to as an example of the variety of my voice…

If you want the full length version of these songs, please don’t hesitate to contact me under

Showreel Musical on YouTube
Showreel Musical

Bringt mich pünktlich zum Altar (MP3, 943 KB)
Circle of life (MP3, 1.110 KB)
Flip, flop and fly (MP3, 1.007 KB)
Für Leib und Seele (MP3, 1.005 KB)
Get me to the church on time (MP3, 929 KB)
Gott ist tot (MP3, 1.410 KB)
I'm going home (MP3, 1.150 KB)
If I were a rich man (MP3, 1.200 KB)
Oh what a beautiful morning (MP3, 947 KB)
Pilate's dream (MP3, 931 KB)
Pilatus' Traum (MP3, 784 KB)
The addressing of Cats (MP3, 1.620 KB)
They call the wind Maria (MP3, 1.190 KB)
This Jesus must die (MP3, 899 KB)
Wenn ich einmal reich wär' (MP3, 1.210 KB)