All my steps in my career and life from the very beginning till now.

Some steps of my career so far

Since 09/2015 Guest-singer at the Kammertheater Karlsruhe, Germany

Since 10/2012 Soloist at the Konzertdirektion Schmidtke

Since 09/2012 Soloist at the Kinderoper Papageno

Since 10/2011 Member of the recently founded Franz Schubert Choir Vienna, Austria, under Musical Director Andreas Maurer

Since 10/2011 Private studies with Peter Svensson (also Masterclass)

Since 08/2011 Member of the Philharmonia Choir Vienna Austria, under Musical Director Prof. Walter Zeh

Since 02/2011 Member of the ensemble at the Volksoper Vienna (extended choir), Vienna, Austria

Since 10/2010 Private studies with Anton Scharinger

Since 2010 Guest singer of the choir Chorus sine nomine, Vienna, Austria

Since 2010 Member of the ChamberChoir of the Wiener Singakademie

Since 06/2009 Member of the Wiener Singakademie - The choir of the Wiener Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria

2008 - 2009 Private studies with KS Wicus Slabbert

Since 02/2008 Member of the „Classical Operetta Ensemble Vienna, Austria“ (Johann Strauss Society)

1998 - 2007 Private studies with Mrs. Helga Dersch (with a few breaks in between)

1989 - 1994 Studies with Prof. Matti Foehr at the Schubert Conservatory, Vienna

1989 - 1994 Musikgymnasium, Vienna, final exams

1975 born in Vienna, Austria

Various performances, productions and engagements please look up at Performances and Archives